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Does High Creatinine Cause Loss of Appetite

2014-12-16 13:28

Does High Creatinine Cause Loss of AppetiteHigh creatinine level signifies kidney problem which can result in lots of physical discomforts and reduce life quality. Well, does high creatinine level in blood cause loss of appetite?

Creatinine is a waste product of muscle metabolism and needs to be removed out of the body by kidney. That is why creatinine level in blood is always measured to learn about kidney condition. Elevated serum creatinine level is usually accompanied with symptoms like foamy urine, swelling, high blood pressure and tiredness, because clinical studies show creatinine level in blood goes up when about a half of kidney function is impaired and at that time, damaged kidneys can not maintain the normal life activity any more.

High creatinine level indeed causes loss of appetite, and this problem usually results from:

1. High levels of BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)

Kidney is a natural filter of our body. High creatinine level means kidneys can not do this job well, which can lead to the buildup of wastes in the blood. One of the wastes is called urea nitrogen which can be decomposed and produce ammonia. Ammonia stimulates gastrointestinal tract, leading to poor appetite.

2. Severe diet limitation

High creatinine level patients need to follow strict diet plan, so as to avoid further damaging kidneys. Low-salt diet is needed for kidney disease patients and severe salt limitation can cause loose of appetite.

3. Side effect of some medicines

Kidney disease patients need to take lots of medicines to control their illness and quite of the medicine can cause loss of appetite. Therefore, in some cases, poor appetite may appear as a side effect of the medicines they are taking.

Different treatment method is needed by high creatinine level patients in different cases. If you are suffering this problem, you can contact our online doctor about natural remedies.

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