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How To Decrease Creatinine Level Through Proper Diet

2014-12-15 06:39

How To Decrease Creatinine Level Through Proper DietIf proper diet is taken, it really can reduce high creatinine level. However, how to lower creatinine level by diet? Many patients do not know this question. Let’s see the following introduction to this question.

Creatinine level in clinical is an important indicator to measure kidney function. Creatinine level elevation indicates kidney function has been damaged and the severity of kidney damage is serious. It requires immediate treatment. Lowering creatinine level includes two aspects: standard treatment and diet therapy. In the test for kidney function, if only serum creatinine level rises, doctor will ask the patient to take test again after 3 days to make sure if it is kidney disease.

Most kidney dysfunction patients will focus on lowering creatinine level and want to seek out many ways for high creatinine level. In fact, diet adjustment is also effective treatment for controlling high creatinine level. Patients with elevated creatinine level should follow a low but high quality protein diet. Low protein diet can alleviate azotemia, improve metabolic acidosis, increase the sensitivity of insulin. Besides, high quality protein diet can increase serum albumin level, reduce the secretion of urine protein and delay the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD). What’s more, patients also need to follow a low sodium, low salt and high vitamin foods and avoid spicy foods.

Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommends Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to lower high creatinine radically. This therapy’s main function is to eliminate immune complexes which can damage glomerular basement membrane and kidney tissues. Meanwhile, this therapy can also repair damaged glomerular basement membrane. As long as damaged glomerular basement is repaired, kidney structure is changed, glomerular filtering area is expanded, serum creatinine will decrease gradually. This treatment takes a relatively long time so you must be patient. At this time, you should prevent cold, control blood pressure and blood sugar, and follow a proper diet. These protect residual kidney function. With these methods, serum creatinine level will be lowered naturally and radically.

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