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Chinese Treatment for High Creatinine Level in Blood

2014-12-03 09:08

Chinese Treatment for High Creatinine Level in BloodSerum creatinine level needs to be lowered down to the normal range when it becomes higher, because persistent high creatinine level is very dangerous and if we fail to control it in normal range, dialysis or kidney transplant is needed someday. Many western medicines can be used to control high creatinine level, but long-term usage of them always cause terrible side effects. Here, we will introduce Chinese treatment that can help to reduce high creatinine level down to the normal range without causing any bad effects.

Impaired kidney condition should be blamed for high serum creatinine level, because kidney is the organ that is in charge of removing excess creatinine out of the body. The Chinese medicine we mentioned above is able to reduce high creatinine level, because it can repair kidney damages and increase kidney function.

The Chinese treatment for high creatinine level indicates Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a herb-based treatment. This treatment is composed of different Chinese herbs which have been proven to be able to strengthen kidney. These Chinese herbs are crushed into powder and then externally on kidney location where there is Shen Shu acupoint.

Besides, in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, different Chinese herbs are used based on patients’ exact illness condition. Effective ingredients in Chinese herbs activate injured kidney intrinsic cells and provide them necessary nutrients to help them get recovery. In this way, kidney works better than before, which makes kidney able to remove excess creatinine timely. This is the reason why Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help to reduce high creatinine level.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural Chinese treatment for high creatinine level, if you are interested in it and want to learn more details about its treatment effects. Please contact our online doctor or leave us message below directly.

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