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What Is Creatinine Level for Kidney Failure

2014-12-02 01:13

What Is Creatinine Level for Kidney FailureWhat is creatinine level for kidney failure? Kidney failure is the condition that kidneys fail to function well to maintain the normal life activity. It is a very dangerous condition, because toxins that should be removed by kidney build up in blood at that time. Creatinine is one of the wastes that need to be cleared away by kidney, so serum creatinine level goes up in kidney failure. Well, what is the creatinine level for kidney failure?

High creatinine level and kidney failure

Creatinine is a waste that is produced when meat is consumed in our body. It is a substance with small molecular weight, so while flowing through kidney with blood, it can pass through kidney freely and get out of our body with urine finally. That is the reason why serum creatinine level can be kept in normal range in normal condition.

In cases of kidney failure, kidneys can not filter blood as well as they did before. Under such a condition, creatinine and other wastes that should be removed by kidney will accumulate in blood. Thus, kidney failure patients always have elevated serum creatinine level. Besides, when kidneys are damaged mildly, residual kidney function is powerful enough to maintain the normal serum creatinine level. According to clinical studies, serum creatinine level begins to increase when about a half of kidney function is left. Therefore, high creatinine level indicates serious kidney damages.

What is creatinine level for kidney failure?

Creatinine level in blood helps to reflect kidney condition, and we can figure out in which stage that patients are according to their serum creatinine level, but so far no documents state we can know clearly about kidney condition just by serum creatinine level.

Although there is no exact serum creatinine level number for kidney failure, we can know well about our kidney condition by GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate). Chronic kidney disease is divided into 5 stages according to GFR. In general, we say someone is in kidney failure stage when his GFR is lower than 15.

Lastly, getting high creatinine level lowered down is the common pursuit of kidney failure patients and some patients even take it as their ultimate goal. However, high creatinine level is just one of the results of kidney damage, and to reduce high creatinine level, repairing kidney damages and increasing kidney function is the precondition. Therefore, stead of reducing high creatinine level, increasing kidney should be the ultimate goal for kidney failure patients.

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