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Creatinine 374 and Urea 43 and CKD: How Dangerous Can It Be

2014-11-15 03:43

Creatinine 374 and Urea 43 and CKD: How Dangerous Can It Be“I have CKD. Now my creatinine level is 374 and urea level is 43. How dangerous can it be?” Both creatinine level and urea level are the indicators of kidney function. When they increase, it means your kidney function declines. Now let’s see more information about this topic.

High creatinine level and urea means your kidneys have been damaged severely.

When your kidney function is more than 50%, the kidneys can manage to keep a balance between serum creatinine and urine creatinine. For people with only one kidney, it can also maintain your creatinine and urea level to the normal range. The normal creatinine level is about 59-104 μmol/L and normal urea level is about 7-20 mg. Maybe in the different areas the data have a slight change. Creatinine 374 and urea 43 are far beyond the normal level, which means your kidney function is less than 50 %. If you can not remove them from the blood timely, creatinine level and urea level continue to go up, which may cause further damage to the kidneys and lead to many complications. With the development of CKD, you run a higher risk of heart failure, which may threaten your life. Therefore, you should receive treatment as early as possible.

How to lower creatinine 374 and urea 43?

First, you should control the intake of protein, because both creatinine and urea are waste products of protein. Moderate high quality protein to satisfy the need of body is OK.

Second, you should control the symptoms associated with CKD, such as high blood pressure. It is closely related with high creatinine level.

Third, you should detoxify the blood through some therapies, such as foot bath, full bath, enema therapy and circle therapy. They can also regulate the qi flowing through the channels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation so as to help kidney self-healing. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also often used to eliminate kidney inflammation and stop kidney fibrosis. With systemic treatment, your damaged kidneys can regain their ability to expel creatinine.

From the above, we can see that creatinine 374 and urea 43 may threaten your life without timely and effective treatment, so you should attach importance. For more information, please contact us at kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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