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How to Decrease High Creatinine Level with Diabetes

2014-11-13 01:39

How to Decrease High Creatinine Level with DiabetesHow to decrease high creatinine level with Diabetes? Medical treatment is needed when serum cratinine level becomes higher than normal range, because further elevation of put patients on dialysis finally. Diabetes is an illness that can cause elevation of serum creatinine level, well how can we reduce high creatinine level in blood with Diabetes?

Relation of high creatinine level and Diabetes?

Creatinine is a substance that is produced during meat consumption. It normally get out of our body through urine which is formed by kidney. Diabetics run high risk for high creatinine level because persistent high blood sugar is very harmful for our kidney. Failed kidneys can not produce urine as well as they did before, as a result of which, less creatinine are removed out of the body with urine. Thus, creatinine build up in blood and serum creatinine level becomes higher.

How to decrease high creatinine level with Diabetes?

Diabetics need to lower their high creatinine level down, as dialysis will be needed if their serum creatinine keep going up to a certain level. Although controlling creatinine level is very important for diabetics, one thing they need to understand is high creatinine level is a result of kidney damages. Under such a condition, if we want to stop the further elevation of serum creatinine level, treatment must start from treating damaged kidneys.

For diabetics, the following measures are needed to decrease high creatinine level in blood:

1. Control blood sugar in normal range, because high blood sugar will cause further damages on kidney, which may lead to further elevation of creatinine level.

2. Prevent high blood pressure and hypotensive drugs are needed when blood pressure becomes high.

3. Repair injured kidney tissues. If your current treatment can not help you repair kidney damages and improve kidney function, you can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a herb-based treatment. (Leave us message below or contact online doctor to get more detailed information about this herbal treatment)

4. Make sure your daily foods are good for kidney. Improper diet increases kidney burden and aggravate illness condition, so please make sure you are eating the right foods.

5. Avoid bad living habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and staying up.

Lastly, high creatinine level is a result of kidney damages, so if we want to decrease high creatinine level, we must repair kidney damages and improve kidney function. For diabetics, kidney damages are caused by persistent high blood sugar, so tight control of blood sugar is very important.

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