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Is Boiled Egg Good for Creatinine 2.1

2014-11-10 03:24

Is Boiled Egg Good for Creatinine 2.1Serum creatinine 2.1 is high, which means kidneys are damaged, so we need to avoid foods bad for kidney in such a case. Boiled good is a common breakfast in our daily life, so is it good for people with creatinine 2.1?

Egg is nutrient-rich food which can provide our body with protein, vitamin A and vitamin D and so on. All these elements are required by physical development and mental development, so regular egg consumption is recommended. For people with high creatinine 2.1, they also need protein, vitamin A and vitamin D to meet the basic demand of their body, but due to their damaged kidney, they need to be careful about boiled egg.

Boiled egg is composed of egg white and egg yolk. Egg white is rich in high quality protein which can be fully consumed in our body and meanwhile produce less wastes. Therefore, egg white is recommended for people with creatinine 2.1, but how much egg white should they eat is based on their specific illness condition. (Send general description of your illness to: kidneycares@hotmail.com, our nephrologist will reply you with individual advice in 24 hours) Egg yolk is surrounded by egg white and it contains more vitamins than egg white. Egg yolks are one of only a handful of foods in which vitamin D is naturally found. However, as they are rich in fat, egg yolks are not recommended for people with high creatinine 2.1. High creatinine level in blood means kidney damages and impaired kidney function leads to hyperlipidaemia easily, so egg yolks should be avoided by kidney disease patients.

Besides, people with creatinine 2.1 should be careful about boiled egg not because of their high creatinine level, but because of their impaired kidney function. Elevation of creatinine level is just a result of kidney damages. When kidney function is increased, not only diet limitation is not so strict, also high creatinine level is lowered down to the normal range permanently.

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