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How To Solve Creatinine Level 4.2

2014-11-08 01:48

How To Solve Creatinine Level 4.2Creatinine level is a waste-product and it should be discharged out of the body by kidneys. It is an important indicator of kidney function. So low or high level of creatinine both indicate kidney problem. Creatinine 4.2 is higher than the normal range. How to lower this level becomes the most concerned question.

According to the current creatinine level 4.2, you are at stage 3 kidney disease, or the fibrosis formation period. Kidney disease at this stage is still reversible. That is to say that there is 50% possibility that you could make your disease reversed.

The medicine we use is our unique Chinese medicine. During the treatment, we use some unique Chinese medicine and make up some unique prescription, and form some unique treatments.

In our hospital, our experts have innovated many therapies of kidney disease treatment. Hot compress therapy, one of our therapies, is very effective to reduce creatinine level. Now see the specific process: appropriate dose of Chinese medicines are chosen according to specific condition of patients with kidney disease. Then these medicines are compressed on kidney area to quickly and effectively penetrate to kidney inside with permeability apparatus. In addition, these Chinese medicines are with good properties of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, resistance to blood viscosity and extension of blood vessels. In this way, kidney function would be improved, so creatinine could be eliminated from the body. What is more, these are no side effects on patient with kidney disease. If patients with kidney disease combine hot compress therapy with other Chinese medicine treatments, the kidney function could be improved more effectively. Thus, creatinine level could be reduced largely.

I promise you can benefit from our treatment and improve your kidney function. Otherwise, your kidney condition would deteriorate further and eventually fail. In this condition, you would only have to choose dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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