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What Is The Treatment To Lower Creatinine 3.8

2014-11-04 02:59

What Is The Treatment To Lower Creatinine 3.8How to treat high creatinine level 3.8? Creatinine is a common standard to evaluate renal function. High creatinine means kidneys have been damaged and renal function is decreasing. So it is necessary to lower creatinine.

Kidney function and high creatinine level

Healthy kidneys are responsible for excreting organs which can discharge out the metabolism toxins and wastes from blood, thus our human body will be in a clean and stable state. If our kidney is damaged by some reasons. As a result, kidneys cannot work well. That is to say, renal function has decreased, and then a lot of toxins cannot be expelled out and will deposit in blood gradually. Thus, creatinine will be high.

How to lower high creatinine level?

The key point to reduce high creatinine is to enhance renal detoxification, at the same time clean out the toxins in your blood.

Many patients will choose dialysis to treat kidney disease, but dialysis cannot recover renal function. Generally speaking, if a patient’s creatinine is less than 7 and do not have obvious symptoms, we advise the patient can use conventional method to enhance renal function.

We use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair damaged kidney intrinsic cells, modulate your own body internal environment and improve kidney function. With increased kidney function, excess creatinine will be discharged out of the body effectively and naturally. In addition, the active ingredients in Chinese herbs can provide some nutrition for injured kidney, promote blood circulation and prevent inflammation and coagulation as well as degrade extracellular matrix. Thus, your body internal environment will be in a stable and healthy state. The effect of medicine and therapeutic effects will appear better.

To lower high creatinine level, you should reduce it from the root. If you have been on dialysis, you have a chance to avoid dialysis as long as you come to our hospital to take treatment.

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