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How To Lower High Creatinine Level In NS Radically

2014-11-01 02:57

How To Lower High Creatinine Level In NS RadicallyHigh creatinine is a common symptom in Nephrotic Syndrome (NS). Dialysis is one way to remove creatinine and other wastes from the body, but it is not complete and also brings many side effects like vomiting and nausea, poor appetite, itchy skin and muscle cramp, etc. Because dialysis cannot treat NS from the root. Thus, many people want to find a radical therapy for reducing high creatinine level.

1. What does high creatinine level indicate?

The high creatinine level can show that there are more and more toxins and other immune complex accumulating in the body especially in kidneys and blood. These toxins can cause inflammation reaction in kidneys.

2. How to stop inflammation in the kidneys?

It is not difficult to stop the inflammation. There are many western medicines and Chinese medicines which can stop inflammation. However, it is not enough. Suppressing our immunity will make us easy to get infection and the disease is easy to relapse. Therefore, we need the second step, which is to remove immune complex and extra cellular matrix in the kidneys.

3. How to remove immune complex in the kidneys?

We use Chinese herbal medicines to eliminate immune complexes. Because the active material of the Chinese herbs can combine with the immune complex, split them and discharge them out of body. Besides, Chinese medicine can dilate the blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys, so the immune complex and extra cellular matrix causing renal fibrosis would be discharged out of the body.

4. Clean the blood and repair the damaged kidney cells

Hemodialysis can not clean the blood more radically, so hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, and plasma exchange can be used together. In Chinese medicines, Chinese herbal bath therapy, foot bath therapy and acupuncture can also achieve the effect of blood purification. Moreover, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to repair damaged kidney cells and improve renal function because the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can come to the damaged kidney cells directly through the skin surface.

If you want to know detailed information about our therapy, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will provide what you want to know.

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