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High Creatinine: Is It Something Serious

2014-10-17 01:34

High Creatinine: Is It Something SeriousIs high creatinine level dangerous? Creatinine is found in a person’s blood and urine. It measures how well a person’s kidneys are functioning. An increase in creatinine level indicates a problem with a person’s kidneys. So a high creatinine may indicate serious illness.

Why high creatinine is dangerous?

High creatinine occurs when the ability of the kidneys to filter fluid within the body declines regardless of the cause of reduced efficiency of the kidneys. The most common reasons for high creatinine level are caused when the filtration mechanism becomes gradually damaged by long time of illness diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes or infection. In addition, when a person get dehydrated, blood creatinine levels may increase as the kidney tries to deal with the breakdown products of proteins in our bodies.

In the early stage of kidney disease, high creatinine level is often not noticed. However, as the kidneys become increasingly unable to cope, the creatinine level rises. A single creatinine level does not give us much useful information. Whether high creatinine level is related to kidney disease is more valuable to look at a few other test at the same time, like urine examination, X-rays or scans, and sometimes even biopsies of the kidneys. In general cases,a rising level of creatinine indicates an increasing problem with poorly performing kidneys.

Creatinine is high and it is something dangerous because it is more likely to indicate kidney problem. However, it does not mean all elevated creatinine level is a kidney disease. Creatinine level also varies depending on a person’s age and body type. Muscular adults will have more. Elderly have less. Therefore, once you have high creatinine level, you should do other tests as we mentioned above to diagnose whether you have kidney problem.

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