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Can Lemon Juice And Garlic Boost Creatinine To Normal

2014-10-12 07:53

Can Lemon Juice And Garlic Boost Creatinine To NormalHigh creatinine level can be reduced by diet. Lemon juice and garlic have a lot of health benefits. Also it is said that lemon juice and garlic have benefits on high creatinine level. Well then, how do lemon juice and garlic help elevated creatinine level?

Lemon juice and high creatinine

One of the benefits of lemon juice is it is a natural diuretic. A diuretic causes your body to urinate more frequently than it normally would. High creatinine level is mainly the result of declined kidney function. Decreased renal function cannot fail excess creatinine from the body into urine. In this condition, people with high creatinine level can benefit from the natural diuretic effect of lemon juice. With frequent urination, some creatinine can be discharged out with urine.

Besides this, lemon can be used for digestive disorders, colds and coughs, lowering high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, building up your body’s immunity due to its rich vitamin C. With these properties of lemon, it contributes to overall kidney condition. When kidney condition gets improved, high creatinine level will also decrease.

Garlic and high creatinine

Garlic can be used to treat lower blood pressure, control blood sugar, improve poor appetite, boost the immune system. If your kidney disease is under good control, creatinine level will decline. So, in view of this, garlic is good for lowering high creatinine level. Garlic is often among the healthy food for people with kidney disease.

Lemon juice and garlic can help lower high creatinine level, but it is not enough. Apart from diet management, repairing injured kidney cells and improving renal function is the key point to reduce elevated creatinine level fundamentally. We use a systematic Chinese medicine treatment to achieve this therapeutic effect.

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