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Does Water Have Any Effect on Lowering Creatinine Levels

2014-10-05 08:54

Does Water Have Any Effect on Lowering Creatinine LevelsAlmost all CKD patients can not escape such a question, that is high creatinine level. High creatinine level indicates severe kidney damage. Therefore, they often look for ways to lower creatinine levels. In some articles, water is recommended to kidney patients. Does water have any effect on lowering creatinine levels? It depends.

For some patients, water does lower creatinine level.

Water intake can increase urine output. Creatinine can be passed out of the body with urine. From this point of view, water helps lower creatinine level. But it does not mean you can drink a lot water, because too much water can also increase the workload of kidneys, leading to further damage.

For some patients, water should be limited.

If patients have severe edema, water intake can worsen their medical condition, because the damaged kidneys fail to excrete excess fluid from body. In this case, water is not recommended.

In the following, let’s see some other natural ways to help you lower creatinine levels.

How to lower creatinine level naturally?

-Limit protein-rich food and dairy products

Creatinine is a kind of amino acid found in high protein foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, cheese, milk, and some other dairy-based products. Therefore, you had better limit such kinds of food. But it does not mean you should avoid them. You can eat some to satisfy the need of body.

-Avoid strenuous activities

Strenuous activities can promote the creatine to convert into creatinine. Besides, strenuous activities can speed up the progression to kidney failure. Therefore, you had better avoid strenuous activities, but doing some gentle exercises is OK.

-TCM therapies

TCM therapies have few side effects. And some of them can improve kidney function so as to lower creatinine level, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Full Bath, Circle Therapy, Enema therapy, etc. They can detoxify the blood and remove waste from blood. They are also anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, blood vessel dilation and extracellular matrix degradation, which can promote the kidneys’ ability to repair themselves. After a period of treatment, creatinine level will return to normal level.

High creatinine levels have many bad effect on body, so you had better take measures as early as possible. We are always here ready to help you.

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