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Is It Possible to Reduce Creatinine 7.2 without Dialysis

2014-09-12 02:07

Is It Possible to Reduce Creatinine 7.2 without DialysisCreatinine 7.2 is very high. Under such a condition, dialysis is usually suggested to reduce it. Dialysis is helpful, but also painful. So is it possible to reduce creatinine 7.2 without dialysis? If yes, what is the treatment for it?

Is it possible to reduce creatinine 7.2 without dialysis?

Creatinine 7.2 is a very high level which means there are lots of toxic substances in the blood. These toxins circulate with blood and they are harmful for every part of our body. Dialysis is suggested in such a condition becaues it is the most quick way to cleanse blood. But this does not mean dialysis is the only option when creatinine level increases to 7.2.

Alternative treatment for creatinine 7.2 without dialysis

Conventional treatment for creatinine level 7.2 is to filter blood with dialysis machine and control its symptoms like high blood pressure with oral medicines. This helps to alleviate illness condition, but can not bring permanent treatment effects. For kidney failure patients, if they choose dialysis as their major life-saving method, they need to do dialysis regularly the rest of their life.

When serum creatinine level is as high as 72, dialysis is very helpful to loewr it down, but there is still alternative treatment for patients to avoid or get off dialysis. Now, let’s have a quick read about Blood Pollution Therapy which is especially effective in treating kidney failure.

Blood Pollution Therapy contains mainly three steps. In the first steps, several natural treatment methods are applied to cleanse blood, so as to avoid further health tissues. When blood is polluted due to kidney failure, kidney intrinsic cells fail to get necessary nutrient from blood, which is not good for the recovery of kidney function. Therefore, in the second step, some elements are added into blood according to lad test, so as to corrent the component of blood. And that, some Chinese medicines are applied to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells, so as to rebuild kidney function.

With Blood Pollution Therapy, kidney function can be imporved greatly. Kidney is responsible for a normal serum creatinine level, so creatinine 7.2 decreases naturally when kidney function is rebuilded.

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