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Natural Cure for High Creatinine Level in Blood

2014-08-19 06:07

Natural Cure for High Creatinine Level in BloodChinese medicine is a natural cure for high creatinine level in blood because it can lower down serum creatinine level without causing any side effects. Well, how does Chinese medicine help high creatinine level patients? Can high creatinine level be cured with Chinese medicine?

How is high creatinine level be lowered down by Chinese medicine?

High creatinine level is a clinical manifestation of kidney damage, and in general, the severe the kidney damages, the higher the serum creatinine level. With Chinese medicine, high creatinine level in blood can be lowered down and this is because Chinese medicine can:

1. Promote blood circulation in kidney

While kidney filter blood, wastes like creatinine and urea nitrogen are excreted out of the body with urine. Impaired kidneys filter less blood, so some creatinine which should be removed timely build up in the blood, leading to elevation of creatinine level. With Chinese medicine, blood circulation in kidney can be improved and this increase the filtration function of kidney. Therefore, high creatinine level in blood decreases after Chinese medicine.

2. Improve kidney function

Kidney is responsible for excreting excess creatinine out of the body, so impairment of kidney function is the direct cause of high creatinine level. Chinese medicine shows great effects in improving kidney function, so with Chinese medicine, high creatinine level in blood can be reduced.

Can high creatinine level in blood be cured by Chinese medicine?

There is no cure for Chronic Kidney Disease in advanced stage, but high creatinine level can be lowered down to the normal range with Chinese medicine.Kidney has strong compensatory function, which means our life is not affected at all when kidney is damaged mildly. This is the reason why CKD patients experience no symptoms until their illness develops to late stage. Clinical studies show that serum creatinine level begins to go up when about a half of kidney function is impaired. Therefore, for CKD patients, as long as their kidney function is improved to be the level that is about a half of a normal kidney function, serum creatinine level can be reduced to the normal range.

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