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Is Whole Wheat Bread Good for High Creatinine Level Patients

2014-07-28 02:41

Is Whole Wheat Bread Good for High Creatinine Level PatientsIs whole wheat bread good for high creatinine level patients? Whole wheat bread is the most popular alternative to while bread and is loved by many people. It benefits people in many ways, but for high creatinine level patients, they need to be very careful about every food they eat, as improper diet will cause further elevation of serum creatinine which may thus put them on dialysis. Therefore, knowing well if they are allowed to eat whole wheat bread is necessary if it is their one of the favored foods.

Whole wheat bread is a very nutritional food. One slice of whole wheat bread provides 2g of fiber, which is a 8 percent of the daily recommenddation for a 2000-calorie diet. Ingesting enough fiber is very helpful for high creatinine level patients to avoid constipation which occurs easily due to strict diet limiation.

Besides, whole wheat bread is also rich in vitamin B. For hgih creatinine level patients, ingesting enough vitamin B helps to prevent or alleviate tiredness, back pain, poor appetite and various skin problems. High creatinine level indicates impairment of kidney function and when creatinine level in blood becomes very high, patients run high risk for various physical discomforts. Viewed from this aspect, whole wheat bread is good for high creatinine level patients.

Whole wheat bread benefits high creatinine level patients in many ways, but this does not mean they can eat whole wheat bread freely. Whole wheat bread also contains potassium which plays a vital role for the function of many organs. It is necessary for healthy people to ingest a proper amount of potassium everyday, but for high creatinine level patients, they need to limit daily potassium intake. Kidney is responsible for maintaining potassium level in blood and when kidney function is affected, potassium level increases. Under such a condition, eating too much whole wheat bread will cause further elevation of potassium level. Therefore, high creatinine level patients need to eat less or no whole wheat bread if their potassium level is higher than the normal range.

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