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What Should I Do to Lower Creatinine 5.74 and Blood Urea 119

2014-07-15 06:51

What Should I Do to Lower Creatinine 5.74 and Blood Urea 119Creatinine and blood urea are the common indicators of kidney function. When your kidney function loses more than 50 %, creatinine level and urea begin to increase. What should I do to lower creatinine 5.74 and blood urea 119? This question is asked by a female kidney patient. If you have any other question, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.


Creatinine 5.74 and blood urea 119 are both much higher than the normal level. Dialysis is usually recommended to filter waste from the blood in this case. Though it helps you lower creatinine level and urea quickly and alleviate your discomfort, its therapeutic effects are temporarily. Between the two dialysis sessions, your creatinine level and urea increase again. Besides, once you start dialysis, it is impossible for you to give up it unless you do kidney transplant.

Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is also a common way to recover kidney function so as to lower creatinine level and BUN. But it is not available to all the kidney failure patients because of the scarce kidney source, expensive expenditure and some other causes.


Diet can help you lower creatinine level and BUN to certain extent. Because creatinine and urea are the waste product of meat protein. So you had better limit the intake of meat. How much you can consume depends on your remaining kidney function. Instead, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Treatment to help you improve kidney function

The root cause of high creatinine and urea level is kidney function impairment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can improve blood circulation so as to transport more oxygen and nutrient to the kidneys. It can also eliminate the inflammatory factors and immune complexes from the blood so as to reduce kidney inflammation. In addition, this therapy can degrade extracellular matrix to stop kidney fibrosis. With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, your damaged kidneys can gradually repair themselves and improve kidney function.

Hope the above information can help you and you can live a better a life.

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