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High Creatinine Level for Sugar Patients

2014-07-06 08:19

High Creatinine Level for Sugar PatientsIt is common for patients who have years of high blood sugar to asked about elevation of creatinine level in blood. So if there any link between creatinine level and blood sugar level? What can they do to get their high creatinine level down to the normal range?

How is high blood sugar associated with high creatinine level?

As a matter of fact, there is no direct relationship between blood sugar level and creatinine level, but persistent high blood sugar indeed causes elevation of serum creatinine level and this is because years of high blood sugar may impair kidney function which decides creatinine level in blood directly.

For sugar patients, with high blood sugar, their kidneys have to work hardly to excess blood sguar by producing much more urine. Under such a condition, if patients do routine blood test and routine urine test, test report will show high Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR) which refers to blood volume that is filtered by kidney within a certain time. Long-term hard work damage kidney and impaire kidney function. Since kidney is in charge of excreting creatinine in blood, so when kidney function is affected, creatinine level increases.

What can sugar patients do when their creatinine level becomes high?

For sugar patients whose creatinine level in blood is high, they need to:

1. Control blood sugar level in normal range and this is necessary for the prevention of further kidney damages.

2. Improvement of kidney function, which is the only way to get creatinine level down to the normal range permanently.

3. Make diet changes, so as to reduce kidney burden. This is helpful for protection of residual kidney tissues.

4. Tight control of all the symptoms like high blood pressure and proteinuria. For people with years of high blood sugar, appearance of kidney damages is always accompanied with many symptoms like high blood pressure and proteinuria. Tight control of them is very helpful for slowing down illness progression.

5. Develop good living habits and avoid drinking, smoking and staying up at night.

6. Do physical exercises regularly, which is helpful for strengthen immune system and increase immunity. Cold and infection are leading two factors for further increase of creatinine level. Physical exercise is a good way to improve immune systen and prevent cold and infection well.

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