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What Is The Cause And Remedy For Too Much Creatinine

2014-06-22 06:45

What Is The Cause And Remedy For Too Much CreatinineCreatinine is a by-product of normal muscle contractions, which becomes a chemical waste product filtered from the blood through the kidneys. However, diseased kidneys will create too much creatinine, and creatinine level is usually a indicator of kidney function. The higher level of creatinine is, the poorer kidney function is. Well then what is the cause of high creatinine level and how to discharge it from the body?

1. High creatinine level cause

When there is a kidney damage of kidney disease, and the kidneys are not able to filter waste efficiently, there will likely be a rise in creatinine level in the blood.

2. Symptoms of too much creatinine

Some people with too much creatinine may experience the following symptoms, like weakness, or feeling tired, confusion, shortness of breath and vomiting and nausea.

3. Cope with high creatinine level

In the causes of high creatinine level, we have mentioned that its the damaged kidneys fail to remove excessive creatinine level from the body. Damaged kidneys cannot function properly, thus leading to creatinine piling up in your body. In this light, stopping further kidney damage and enhancing kidney function can lower creatinine level effectively and radically. To achieve this curative effects, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. The main ingredients in this therapy are Chinese herbs but different from the traditional herbs. It is an external application which is put on the lower back where the kidneys are. Through a osmosis device, the micronized herbs can come to the injured kidney lesions directly. It can repair impaired kidneys and improve kidney lesions. Thus, creatinine level drops with strong kidney function.

In addition, dialysis is also one method to reduce high creatinine level. But long term of dialysis will create many side effects. This may be the reason why some people reject taking dialysis.

Last but not the least, a proper diet is also helpful for lowering creatinine level. Patients should follow a low protein but high quality protein intake, quit smoking and drinking, etc.

You should deal with high creatinine level from the root cause. You can leave us a message below to get detailed and further information from our experts.

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