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How Can I Keep My Creatinine Level in Normal Range

2014-06-19 03:24

How Can I Keep My Creatinine Level in Normal RangeHow can I keep my creatinine level in normal range? This question is asked most frequently by kidney patients. High creatinine level indicates how severe your kidneys are damaged. If you would like to keep creatinine level in normal range, you should do the following things.

Follow low protein diet

High protein foods such as red meat and fish are packed with creatine. When they are broken down, creatinine comes into being. Therefore, if you would like to lower creatinine level, you should limit the intake of high protein foods. In order to satisfy the need of body, moderate high quality protein is recommended. In different stages of kidney disease, the protein intake requirement is also different. If you would like to know your personalized acceptable daily intake of protein, please leave your basic information below, and then we will give you answer.

Avoid strenuous activity

Creatinine is also a waste product of muscle contraction. Doing a lot of exercise can increase the production of creatinine, resulting in high creatinine level. Therefore, patients with high creatinine level should avoid strenuous activity. When your state of illness is stable, the advantages of doing some gentle exercise outweigh its disadvantages. Walking, tai chi and qi gong are all good.

Receive treatment aggressively

High creatinine level results from kidney function impairment. When your kidney function improves, high creatinine level comes down. First, you should purify blood system to provide a clean environment for kidney self-healing. Therapies such as medicated bath, foot bath and circle therapy are all helpful. Second, supplement certain elements such as vitamins and amino acid to activate DNA of the damaged kidney cells to speed up their recovery. After the treatment, your damaged kidneys can be repaired.

The above information is very general. If you would like to know more detailed information, please contact online doctor.

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