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Is A 2.6 Creatinine Level High for A Woman

2014-06-10 03:36

Is A 2.6 Creatinine Level High for A WomanRecently a lady consulted a question on our website. She said her creatinine level had reached 2.6 mg/dL due to her kidney disease. Is a 2.6 creatinine level high for a woman? If you have the similar medical condition, the following information may be helpful.

Creatinine and kidney disease

Creatinine is a waste product that is passed out of the body by kidneys. When your kidneys go wrong, they can not remove excess creatinine from your body. As a result, your creatinine level gradually increase. Because our kidneys has immense compensatory function, which means that your kidneys can still work properly to filter creatinine even if they are damaged to certain extent. Only when your kidney function declines to less than 50%, there is a sudden increase of creatinine. The normal creatinine level for an adult female ranges from 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL. Creatinine level 2.6 is twice the normal level and you are in the stage 3 kidney disease. If you can control your kidney disease as early as possible, there is 50 percent possibility to recover from kidney disease.

How to lower creatinine 2.6?

In the daily, paying attention to the diet and exercise helps lower creatinine, but they can not solve the problem from the root. If you would like lower creatinine 2.6 from the root, you should improve kidney function. There are many particular medicine and therapies in our hospital, which can eliminate kidney inflammation, improve blood circulation, prevent kidney fibrosis and supplement essential nutrients to your damaged kidneys for self-healing. When your kidney function improves, creatinine can be discharged from the blood and high creatinine level can be lowered.

If you have any question about kidney disease, please leave your basic information below. Our doctors will reply you in 48 hours.

Hope you can recover as early as possible and live a normal and full life.

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