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What Causes Creatinine High

2014-06-07 08:23

What Causes Creatinine HighCreatinine is an important measurement of kidney function. People with kidney disease often hear their doctors or nurses say the creatinine level in blood is higher than the normal range (0.5-1.2ml/dL). What causes high creatinine? Does high creatinine level always mean kidney damage?

First, the causes of elevated creatinine

Creatinine normally can be discharged out of our body by kidneys. Although creatinine may also be low or high, it will return to normal by the regulation of our kidneys. Once kidneys are damaged by some conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and inflammation, etc, kidneys’ filtering system will be badly impaired. Thus, creatinine is not able to be expelled from our body and it will accumulate in our body, leading to high creatinine occurrence. This is cause of elevated creatinine triggered by injured kidneys.

Second, does all elevated creatinine level mean kidney damage?

No, not all high creatinine level indicates kidney disease or kidney damage. Many factors can also lead to creatinine high. For example, a large amount of dietary meat, dehydration due to fever, sweating or vomiting, overwork or tiredness and certain drugs all can lead to elevated creatinine. In these conditions, high creatinine level can go back to normal level after a period of time. However, the creatinine high in kidney disease is very dangerous because once elevated creatinine occurs,it usually indicates at least half of kidney function has been damaged. Therefore, it is worth paying much attention to it.

The above are some causes of high creatinine level in blood. If you have high creatinine in blood, you had better have a professional routine tests and timely treatment. For the timely treatment, our website provides relative information and we are glad to help you.

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