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Medicines to Lower Creatinine Levels

2014-05-31 02:10

Medicines to Lower Creatinine LevelsPatients with kidney disease can have high creatinine level, and they are very concerned about ways of lowering creatinine level. Here we will introduce some medicines widely used to lower creatinine level, hoping useful and beneficial for you.

Western medicines

The below western medicines are very common for treating high creatinine level:

Ketosteril, medicinal charcoal tablets, hypotensive drugs, lipid-lowering drugs, steroid drugs and immunosuppressive agents. Western medicines focus on treating symptoms, and treat high creatinine level by alleviating symptoms of high creatinine. It can show good effects in a short time. However, when medicines are stopped, high creatinine level can rebound.

Chinese medicines

Ge Hua, Dan Shen, Jue mingzi, Chuan Gong are made use of to lower creatinine level.

Compared with Western medicines, Chinese medicines lay emphasis on treating high creatinine level fundamentally by recovering kidney function. Chinese medicines have the below properties:

-promote blood circulation

-dilate blood vessels

-prevent kidney inflammation

-repair kidney damage

-provide rich nutrients to kidney

After treatment with Chinese medicines, kidney function can be recovered, making much creatinine get out from body through urine. In this way, high creatinine level can be treated fundamentally. However, the disadvantages of Chinese medicines are that it takes a long time that Chinese medicines show effects on patients.

As a consequent, we can know that every kind of medicines has their disadvantages and advantages. You can depend on your specific disease conditions to determine which is fit for you. But for the final results, we recommend you to choose Chinese medicines to treat kidney disease. If you want to know more, or have any question, be very free to contact us any time. And it is great pleasure that we can help you solve problems.

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