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How to Manage High Creatinine Level Very Effectively

2014-05-29 01:38

How to Manage High Creatinine Level Very EffectivelyGood care and effective treatment can help patients with kidney disease manage high creatinine level very effectively. Now please see how to take care of and treat high creatinine level in kidney disease.

Good care

Patients with high creatinine level should pay much attention to diet in daily life, and the below princiles should be followed:

- low protein

- avoid meat containing high creatinine like pork and chicken.

- Low salt or sodium

- Low phoshorus and low potassium

In addition, if there is serious swelling in patients, they should limit intake of water strictly in daily life. And they should take regualr exercise, which can help enhance immunity and lower high blood pressure very well. It is also necessary that they need to avoid bad habits like stayup, smoking or drinking in daily life.

Effective treatment

Hot compress therapy which is one of important Chinese medicines for kidney disease in China can lower high creatinine level very effectively. This is because when Chinese medicines in Hot compress therapy get into kidney, the below effects can be achieved:

1. promote blood circulation and dilate blood vessels

2. prevent kidney inflammation

3. degrade fibrosis

4. supply rich nutrition

Thus, after treatment with Hot compress therapy in the long term, kidney function will revive gradually, making much creatinine get out of body through urine. In this way, high creatinine level is treated fundamentally.

The combination of good care and Hot compress theray is highly recommended for patients with high creatinine level. If you have some questions or need to have more information, you are very welcome to contact us freely any time, like email us, leave us a message or talk with our online doctors. It is a pleasure that we can do you a favor.

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