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What Is The Outstanding Treatment For Elevated Creatinine Level

2014-05-16 01:23

What Is The Outstanding Treatment For Elevated Creatinine LevelCreatinine is a chemical waste product in the blood that passes through the kidneys to be filtered and eliminated in urine. Elevated creatinine can be caused by dehydration, more protein intake, much meat consumption and kidney-related problem. As for kidney-related disease, high creatinine should draw your attention and effective treatment should be adopted. Well then, what is the outstanding remedy for elevated creatinine?

To lower high creatinine level, we should first know what causes creatinine elevated in kidney disease.

Kidneys perform to filter and eliminate wastes in urine. Once kidneys are diseased by long-term or poor control of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and infection, their ability of filtering wastes will be affected. That is to say, kidneys cannot dispose creatinine and other wastes as well as they should. Under this circumstance, creatinine is prone to build up in your body, causing high creatinine level. Insufficient kidney function is the root cause of elevated creatinine level.

What is the outstanding remedy for increased creatinine level?

As we mentioned above, injured kidneys lead to insufficient kidney function and further elevated creatinine levels. In this light, repairing injured kidneys and improving kidney function is the key point of lowering high creatinine.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is such a remedy that it helps repair damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. How does it achieve this effect? This is because the active ingredients in Chinese herbs can come to the damaged kidney lesions directly through skin with the help of the osmosis device. In addition, the herbs have the function of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, stopping renal fibrosis, providing blood and oxygen as well as necessary nutrients for kidneys. All of these supply a favorable environment of inner kidneys. After a period of treatment, injured kidneys can be repaired and kidney function also can be improved. As long as kidney function is enhanced, the filtering ability to eliminate creatinine will be improved. Therefore, elevated creatinine will be reduced.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the effective treatment to decrease creatinine levels. If you want to know the detailed process of therapy, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or contact our online experts directly.

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