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Top Three TCM Treatments For Lowering High Creatinine

2014-04-27 08:25

Top Three TCM Treatments For Lowering High CreatinineHigh creatinine level is a common symptom in kidney disease. How to lower it becomes more concerned by most people. As for the treatment of lowering high creatinine level, we recommend top three Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to reduce high creatinine level.

1. What leads to elevated creatinine level?

If kidney function is damaged, the toxins created by body cannot be expelled out of the body completely, so there is much toxins in the kidneys. These toxins will flow into blood and body through blood circulation, then the blood will be polluted. That is also why creatinine level is increased. What is more, unfavorable internal environment and the polluted blood would damage any organs when it flows there. Also there will be 20%-50% blood flows to kidneys again and 90% of them flows into renal cortex, which is the reason why the kidneys are easy to be damaged. This is a vicious circle.

2. What are top three Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for high creatinine level?

Chinese Herbal Full Bath

For promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis by using herbal full bath, the toxins can be discharged by sweating, especially we aid some effective herbal medicines to help expand blood vessels and to sweat.


I suggest you must know acupuncture, right? You know there are acupoints all over our body, and there is an acupoint named Youngquan acupoint in each foot which relates to kidney directly. With the help of massage, the acupoint will promote the effective factor of the medicine to go to kidneys.

Mai-Kang composition

It is a kind of oral taking Chinese herbal medicine, and it is a kind of liquid medicine which aims to improve immunity, and for Chinese medicine, we call it Yi Qi Yang Xue (reinforcing Qi and nourishing Blood). We can detect patients’ immunity recovery by testing lymphocyte subgroup.

The above therapies are all innovated combining traditional Chinese medicine. These therapies combining together has great curative effect. Furthermore, kidney function can be improved by these therapies. With improved kidney function, high creatinine level can be lowered naturally and fundamentally.

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