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What Does Creatinine Levels Above 5 Means

2014-04-23 09:14

What Does Creatinine Levels Above 5 MeansHigh creatinine level always follows patients with kidney disease very closely. Creatinine 5 is a very important watershed. This is because if creatinine level is higher than 5, dialysis may be recommended to replace kidney function on most occasions. Here we will discuss about condition of creatinine 5 in detail, hoping beneficial for you.

Conditions of creatinine 5

Creatinine level in blood ranges from 0.5-1.2 mg/dL in healthy people. But for patients with kidney problems, much creatinine can’t be eliminated from body through urine by kidney function, so creatinine level can elevate by the time. In addition, elevation of creatinine level can only occur when kidney function is lost more than half. Thus, when you know your creatinine level increases for a long time, your kidney function must decrease to less than 50%.

Creatinine 5 is extremely higher than normal range of creatinine level, which means that kidney function is almost lost completely. What is worse, many symptoms or complications will occur obviously, such as heart disease, cardiovascular problems, skin problems, anemia and high blood pressure. In this case, dialysis or kidney transplant can be needed badly, saving life of patients with creatinine 5.

Then how to alleviate creatinine 5?

Dialysis can be helpful in a short time, but it has no obvious effects on recovering kidney function and has also many side effects like low blood pressure and muscle cramps.

In addition, patients are very hard to find a proper kidney to transplant.

Chinese medicines can be the best option, which can help patients with creatinine 5 repair kidney damage and recover kidney function very effectively by promoting blood circulation, expanding blood vessels and preventing kidney inflammation.

After treatment with Chinese medicines, patients with creatinine 5 can get complications or symptoms alleviated, and lower creatinine level. In this way, patients with creatinine 5 can live a long life.

In a word, creatinine 5 is very dangerous and life -threatening, and Chinese medicines can be a good therapy for patients with creatinine 5 to alleviate disease conditions and lower creatinine level effectively. Any question, contact us freely any time.

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