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How to Lower Creatinine with Homeopathic Medicine

2014-04-15 08:10

How to Lower Creatinine with Homeopathic MedicineHigh creatinine level is a very annoying problem for patients with kidney disease, and they always want to find very effective treatment for high creatinine level. Here we will mostly introduce homeopathic medicine to lower creatinine level, hoping it is useful and helpful for you.

Get a knowledge of homeopathic medicine.

It means that treating disease by substances which are suitable for symptoms of disease. And medicines in homeopathic medicine come from natural plants, minerals or organs in animals.

How does homeopathic medicine treat high creatinine level?

Symptoms of high creatinine level like high blood pressure, anemia and nausea can be treated with proper medicines. In this way, creatinine level can get alleviated.

This therapy can treat high creatinine to some degree, but some medicines may have side effects on patients. Chinese herbal medicines can help repair kidney damage and recover kidney function by preventing kidney inflammation, expanding blood vessels and supplying rich nutrients to kidney, making kidney remove much creatinine from body. In this way, high creatinine level can get treated very fundamentally without side effects.

Apart from Chinese herbal medicines, diet in daily life is also important for patients with high creatinine level, which can help lower creatinine level. The below should be followed:

1. Low intake of protein

2. Avoid meat like chicken and pork which contains creatinine

3. A low salt or sodium diet

4. Enough water. If swelling is serious, limiting water is necessary.

5. Low intake of phosphorus and potassium

6. Eating more vitamins, which can help enhance immunity and prevent inflammation

7. Eat some high quality protein food like fish and egg white which can produce very few wastes.

Patients with high creatinine level should follow the above points, which can help lower creatinine very effectively. If you have any question or want to know more information, please contact us freely.

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