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Is Lemon Good To Decrease High Creatinine Level

2014-04-11 02:23

Is Lemon Good To Decrease High Creatinine LevelHigh creatinine level in kidney disease usually mean kidneys cannot perform as well as they should. To decrease high creatinine level, it is imperative to stop kidneys shutting down. Lemon not only has edible value but also has medical properties. Then does lemon help decrease high creatinine level in kidney disease?

Lemon can help reduce high creatinine level. This have been proven by clinical researches that foods contain high vitamin C that has an effect of detoxification and improving kidney function, removing more wastes from the body. Lemon or lemon juice contains rich vitamin C. In this way, lemon can help reduce high creatinine level.

Apart from decreasing high creatinine level, lemon has other health benefits for kidney disease, as follows:

1. Lemon can prevent cardiovascular diseases and alleviate calcium ions to promote the function of blood coagulation, which is able to prevent or treat high blood pressure and myocardial infarction.

2. Citric acid in lemon has the function of shrinking, strengthening the capillaries, lowering permeability, improving blood coagulation and platelet quantity.

3. Lemon with low potassium is beneficial for heart diseases in kidney disease patients. Declined kidney function easily cause high potassium level in blood. With elevated potassium level, people tend to suffer from heart diseases like irregular heartbeat,heart beat and stroke. In this case, kidney disease patients with high potassium level should follow a low potassium diet. Lemon is just this kind of fruit.

4. Lemon contains large amounts of citrate that can inhibit crystallization of calcium to prevent the formation of kidney stone. Consuming lemon sometimes can make kidney stones smaller or decrease.

Correctly consumption of lemon is a good auxiliary treatment to decrease high creatinine level. Besides, it also has the above healthy benefits for kidney disease patients. If you want to learn more information about diet list, you can leave your message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online experts directly.

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