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What Is The Consequence Of Increased Urea And Creatinine Level

2014-03-16 11:02

What Is The Consequence Of Increased Urea And Creatinine LevelWhat does increased urea and creatinine level mean? Blood urea nitrogen(BUN) and creatinine are by-products of the body’s metabolism. These levels are used to measure kidney function. If the kidneys are not performing properly, BUN and creatinine will be elevated. In view of this, elevated BUN and creatinine can be regarded as an indicator of kidney function insufficiency.

1. How does kidney disease cause an increased BUN and Creatinine?

BUN and Creatinine are both wastes of the body’s metabolism. Normally kidneys work to remove these wastes out of the body, while once kidneys are not functioning properly, BUN and creatinine readings both increase. High levels of BUN and creatinine signal that these byproducts are not being taken out of your body as urine. Thus, the root cause of increased BUN and creatinine is damaged kidney and kidney function insufficiency. Long-term raised blood pressure or diabetes may damage the filtration mechanism of kidneys.

2. What will happen when urea and creatinine level is elevated?

Insufficient kidney function can not remove excess urea and creatinine out of the body, causing urea and creatinine accumulation in the body. Too much wastes in your body will affect your respiratory system. For people with elevated urea and creatinine leve, they are more likely to feel fatigue, tired, vomiting, nausea and metallic taste in mouth, poor appetite and headache as well as short of breath.

3. How to lower urea and creatinine level?

Dialysis. Dialysis works as artificial kidney to discharge excessive wastes out of the body, including urea and creatinine. it can reduce urea and creatinine to some extent.

Chinese herb tea. Some Chinese herb tea like dandelion root tea and nettle tea can help cleanse the kidneys and improve filtering functions so as to wash more creatinine and other wastes out of the body.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. It is bases on the traditional Chinese medicines and this therapy aims to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. With the restoration of damaged kidney and improved kidney function, urea and creatinine level can be lowered radically.

The causes, symptoms and treatment are all provided for you. And I hope it is helpful for you. Any higher creatinine and urea level should attract your attention, as it may be dangerous kidney problems.

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