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Can An Infection Elevate Creatinine

2014-03-14 17:01

Can An Infection Elevate CreatinineWhether infection is related with high creatinine or not? Patients with infection may have this doubt. As we know, high creatinine indicates severe kidney damage. So it is necessary for patients with infection to understand overall this aspect.

When the inherent immune system becomes disorder due to some reasons, the immunity will be low. In this case, the harmful substances or bacteria will intrude into your body. If these substance choose kidney as their home, they will deposit in kidney and kidney infection occurs. The body will generate inflammatory reaction when kidneys want to clear these harms away. The inflammatory reaction is more likely to cause kidney damage. If kidney becomes damaged, its function to discharge excess creatinine out of the body will be affected. Thus, creatinine will pile up in the blood, causing high creatinine. From this aspect, we can say infection can lead to elevated creatinine.

Besides, infections also increase the amounts of glucose, blood urea nitrogen. Infections put strain on the body, resulting in the increased glucose level. Some infections increase the risk of dehydration, which is able to elevate blood urea nitrogen and creatinine level.

Apart from infection, too much meat intake, long-term standing, strenuous exercise and dehydration due to fever, much sweating and reduced water intake all can lead to high creatinine. These conditions are not dangerous and after some time, the high creatinine level can be normal again. However, for elevated high creatinine, it should be called your attention and needs to be lowered timely.

Elevated creatinine is trigged by damaged kidneys, you can drink some Chinese herbs tea like dandelion tea and nettle tea which have diuretic effects to drain some excess creatinine out of the blood. Moreover, Chinese medicine is recommended for high creatinine patients. The ingredients in Chinese medicine have the function of repairing damaged kidney tissues and stopping further kidney damages. With the restoration of kidney damaged tissues, kidney function is able to be improved step by step. As long as kidney function is elevated, elevated creatinine level will be reduced effectively.

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