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What Does Creatinine 5 Mean For CKD Patients And How To Lower It

2014-03-12 09:55

Creatinine level is a major indicator of kidney function. Usually the higher creatinine level is, the severe the kidney damage is. Experts divide the Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) into 5 stages according to the severity of kidney damages. For creatinine 5, it indicates you are in stage 4 CKD and creatinine level 5 is a pretty high dangerous level, which means that much byproducts and wastes pile up in your blood. In this condition, CKD patients usually experience various symptoms like vomiting, nausea and itchy skin. So what can patients with creatinine 5 do?

What can patients do to lower creatinine 5?

1. Follow a healthy diet

Low protein but high quality protein intake

High protein intake will increase extra renal burden, which can worsen kidney damage and thus cause a higher creatinine level. Therefore, high creatinine patients should avoid high protein intake such as egg white, fish and lean meat. However, in order to meet their physical demand, they should take some high quality foods including lean meat, milk and fish.

Limit meat intake

Creatinine is the end product of meat in our body. As for high creatinine, patients should not take too much meat in daily life.

Drink more water

High creatinine level sometimes is causes by dehydration. Thus, kidney disease patients with no severe edema should drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

2. Take an effective treatment

The root cause of high creatinine 5 is the damaged kidney function. In this light, a radical treatment for lowering high creatinine 5 is to repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. In this case, we mainly adopt immunotherapy to help lower high creatinine.

Immunotherapy is a systemic therapy which includes immune diagnosis, immune inhibition, immune tolerance, immunotherapy clearance, immune protection and immune adjustment. Each of the step has its own purpose. With the systemic treatment, immunotherapy helps rebuild immune system and use the new immune system to fight against kidney disease. When your kidneys work well, your creatinine level will be lowered spontaneously.

The treatment combining diet management and immunotherapy helps lower high creatinine 5 fully and radically.

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