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Creatinine Level 4: How To Lower It Down Naturally

2014-03-08 16:56

Creatinine Level 4: How To Lower It Down NaturallyCreatinine is a major indicator of kidney function. When it comes to high creatinine, it is worth mentioning, which may indicate some damages on kidney tissues. The normal creatinine level is 0.6-1.2 for men and 0.5-1.1 for female. Creatinine level 4 is higher than the normal level, so lowering high creatinine level become urgent. Usually dialysis is the common symptoms for removing creatinine out of the body. However, it can not clear it fully and some side effects will occur. Thus, many patients want to find a natural way to lower high creatinine level.

The treatment includes diet management and medial treatment.

1. Diet management

Eat more vegetables

We know creatinine is more produced by meat. Thus, for high creatinine level patients, they should eat more vegetables or fruits that are good for lowering high creatinine rather than eating more meat.

Less protein but high quality protein intake

Less protein intake helps reduce nitrogenous wastes and toxins so as to help lighten kidney burdens. Besides, patients need to eat some high quality protein, like fish, egg white, lean meat, to meet body needs.

2. Continuous renal replacement therapy(CRRT)

Just as its name indicates it works as a kidney to filter wastes and purify blood. Different from common dialysis, CRRT can not only discharge small molecules, middle molecules out of the body but also big molecule toxins. More importantly, this therapy is able to remove inflammatory factors out of the body to stop further kidney damage and postpone kidney failure. Continuous renal replacement therapy helps protect residual kidney function, which cannot be surpassed by common dialysis, so it reduce high creatinine level fully and effectively.

Diet management and purification techniques help lower creatinine level effectively. Of course, some other treatments can also help lower high creatinine level like Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, immunotherapy and blood pollution therapy.

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