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How To Lower High Creatinine Level With Immunotherapy

2014-03-03 11:34

How To Lower High Creatinine Level With ImmunotherapyHigh creatinine level caused by kidney disease is a very severe condition, as it occurs which may indicate kidney function decline. Thereby, lowering high creatinine is very important for kidney disease patients. Immunotherapy is a combination of western medicines and Chinese medicines. It is said that it has effective result in lowering high creatinine level. Well how does immunotherapy help lower high creatinine level?

First, we should know what causes high creatinine level.

Creatinine is a by-product of metabolic muscle. Normally, kidneys will discharge this waste and other toxins out of the body. Once the kidneys are damaged, this function will not work properly to remove wastes timely and effectively, easily causing wastes accumulation in your body. High creatinine may occur. And this high creatinine level related to kidney damage will last more than seven days. That is to say, if your high creatinine level lasts for 7 days, you should pay more attention to it and had better take blood tests and urine tests, because you may suffer from kidney disease. If your high creatinine level is normal again after a few days, it does not matter as this high creatinine level may be caused by high protein intake or strenuous exercise. Thus, you should make sure the cause of your high creatinine level.

Second, immunotherapy for lowering high creatinine level caused by insufficient kidney function.

Immunotherapy has six steps, including immune diagnosis, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune regulation, immune protection and immune inhibition. And each step has its own purpose. With regard to high creatinine high, immune diagnosis aims to detect which kidney part is damaged and then leads to high creatinine level. In this way, our doctors will select specific herbs to repair the damaged tissues. Besides, immune clearance can help remove creatinine level out of your body to reduce high creatinine level. Moreover, immunosuppressive medicines are used to treat other kidney symptoms quickly, but western medicines fail to treat kidney disease from the root. In this case, Chinese medicines in immunotherapy will counteract disadvantage of western medicines. More importantly, the Active ingredients in Chinese medicines have the function of repairing damaged kidney tissues and regenerating kidney nephrons and gradually get the result of improving your kidney function.

With improved kidney function, high creatinine level can be reduced effectively. There is a limited space here, and I can not tell you other treatments for lowering high creatinine level. Apart from immunotherapy, blood plasma, blood pollution therapy and blood purification can all lower high creatinine level.

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