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How To Lower Creatinine Level 2.0 In PKD Effectively

2014-02-27 11:28

How To Lower Creatinine Level 2.0 In PKD EffectivelyWith the development of Polycystic Kidney Disease, high creatinine level is often suffered by many PKD patients. If left untreated, it will worsen the condition and cause further kidney damage. Thus, to lower creatinine level is crucial for patients with PKD. Then how to lower it?

To reduce high creatinine level, you should find out the cause of high creatinine level.

1. What is the cause of high creatinine level?

With the enlargement of kidney cysts, cysts may rupture at any time and are more likely to do some damages on kidneys. The damaged kidneys lose the ability of discharging excess creatinine generated by muscle and food people take. In this condition, creatinine tend to pile up in the blood and cannot be discharged with urine. Thus, elevated creatinine level occurs.

2. How to reduce creatinine 2.0 in PKD patients?

We know kidneys have strong metabolic ability and compensation, so high creatinine level does not occur until more than half of kidney function is damaged. Creatinine 2.0 has indicated your kidneys have been severely damaged. As we mentioned above, the damaged kidney is induced by enlarged kidney cysts and kidney rupture, so shrinking kidney cysts not only contributes to stopping kidney damage but also lowering high creatinine level.

3. Restore damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function to lower high creatinine level

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, immunotherapy and blood purification can all purify your blood and filter excessive creatinine out of the body. In this way, high creatinine level can be lower to some extent. In addition, these therapies can also activate the self-curative ability of damaged but not necrotic cells. Through preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and dilating blood vessels, the active ingredients in Chinese herbal medicines can relieve the ischemia and anoxia state in kidneys so as to provide some nutrients to restore kidney tissues and improve kidney function. If kidney function is improved, high creatinine level will be relatively reduced because improved kidney function can filter creatinine out of body again.

Restoring kidney function and improving kidney function is an effective way to reduce high creatinine level. Of course, adding proper diet to your treatment will make a quick treatment result. If you want to know what diet is good for lowering high creatinine, you can send your message to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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