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What Is The Creatinine Level Before Dialysis

2014-02-25 14:46

What Is The Creatinine Level Before DialysisCreatinine is a by-product of metabolic muscles. Normally kidneys can filter them out of the body with urine. When kidneys are damaged, creatinine may pile up in the body, causing high creatinine level. In this condition, dialysis may be recommended. Then what the creatinine level is before starting dialysis.

The normal creatinine level

In normal condition, it is usually 0.6-1.2mg/dl in male and 0.5-1.1mg/dl in female.

When do I need to receive dialysis?

Patients are more likely to take dialysis when creatinine level elevates to 5. Because this level indicates there are much toxins and wastes in the blood and they may cause serious conditions to our internal organs, which is very life-threatening. Therefore, when creatinine level is higher than, normally dialysis is offered. However, it does not mean all patients with over 5 creatinine level need take dialysis. Some patients do not take dialysis even when their creatinine level is higher than 8 because they have no obvious symptoms or their body can still tolerate the discomforts. On the whole, there is no exact creatinine level for dialysis and whether you need dialysis depends on several factors like your own special condition, GFR, renal function and creatinine clearance rate.

When creatinine level is higher than 5 or even higher than 8, and if patients have the following symptoms and the illness conditions are too severe to be controlled by medicines, dialysis may be needed. These illness conditions includes pulmonary edema, heart failure, hyperkalemia, serious vomiting, nausea, acidosis and neurological symptoms. If the patient find a good solution to lower high creatinine level and alleviate symptoms, he may get rid of dialysis successfully.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy to reduce high creatinine and ease symptoms

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is an external application, and selects specific herbal medicines carefully micronized by special osmosis machines, which can enter the renal area directly. After a period of treatment, high creatinine level can be reduced to a large extent and dialysis time can be delay. Besides, this therapy can restore intrinsic kidney tissues and improve kidney function. The earlier you take this treatment, the better your kidney function is.

If you happen to be a patient with high creatinine level and want to avoid dialysis, welcome to consult our online doctor or leave your doubts to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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