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Too High Creatinine Level Can Be Lowered By immunotherapy

2014-02-23 15:53

Too High Creatinine Level Can Be Lowered By immunotherapyA major measurement of kidney function is creatinine level. Usually when creatinine level is high, it indicates decreased kidney function. Immunotherapy is a modern therapy and has been proven that it helps lower high creatinine level. Then how does immunotherapy lower high creatinine level?

Kidneys have strong metabolic ability and compensation, so high creatinine level does not occur until half of kidney function is damaged. Therefore, once you have high creatinine level, your kidney function has been damaged severely and as least 50% kidney function has gone. Reducing high creatinine level is crucial for stemming further kidney damage.

Immunotherapy lowers high creatinine level.

Immunotherapy has six steps, and each of them has its own purpose.

1. Immune diagnosis

It aims to find toxic and harmful elements which can cause kidney damage.

2. Immune clearance

Several blood purification techniques are used to filter toxic and harmful substances out of the body to purify your bloodstream.

3. Immune inhibition

Immunosuppressive drugs are used to inhibit inflammation of kidney region.

4. Immune tolerance

It targets at making organs of renal region and immune complexes co-existence.

5. Immune regulation

It is able to eliminate immune complexes and restore original immune system.

6. Immune protection

This step aims to restore and rebuild up immune system by way of nourishing qi and cell treatment.

Through a comprehensive treatment, your kidney function can be restored and immunity can also be improved. Improved kidney function can work to discharge some creatinine out of the body. Thus, high creatinine level can be lowered effectively and fundamentally.

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