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Reducing Physical Exercise Help Lower High Creatinine Level

2014-02-23 11:17

Reducing Physical Exercise Help Lower High Creatinine LevelCreatinine is a waste product generated in the body during the process of energy production in the muscles. In this case, reduce physical exercise will lower high creatinine level. Is it right?

Yes, it is. Reducing physical exercise can decrease high creatinine level. Physical exercise only promote the creatine to convert into creatinine more quickly than normal. Therefore, a person must avoid over-training or doing similar strenuous physical exercise, and opt for less intense exercises.

Apart from reducing more physical exercises, dietary changes also help reduce high creatinine level. Then what are the diet plan for lowering high creatinine level?

1. Avoid dehydration

When your body gets dehydrated, the creatinine levels tend to increase. For this reason, you can drink plenty of water to increase the frequency of urination, and as a result, more creatinine will get eliminated from the body.

2. Limit protein intake and dairy products

Creatinine is a type of amino acid and can be found in high protein foods like red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products. When less amount is consumed, the production of creatinine will be lowered automatically by your body.

3. Reduce sodium intake

Sodium tends to cause water retention. Salted foods, processed foods and packaged foods and so on should be avoided in this condition.

As long as your high creatinine can be lowered to the normal level and it does not last for 7 days, it is not dangerous. Nevertheless, if your high creatinine level lasts for 7 days, it usually indicate a kidney-related problem. With this regard, you need to pay more attention to it and adopt correct treatment to decrease it, otherwise it will be life-threatening. Normally dialysis is offered to reduce high creatinine. But as you know dialysis will cause lots of side effects. In this condition, many people with high creatinine level refuse dialysis. For this reason, high creatinine level patients can have a try of immunotherapy in which several blood purification techniques are used so that creatinine level can be lowered effectively. And it is able to repair kidney intrinsic cells and improve kidney function. Improving kidney function has an important significancy in reducing high creatinine level.

Reducing physical exercises and diet management both can help reduce high creatinine level. For elevated creatinine level caused by damaged kidney function, immunotherapy is more effective.

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