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Why Would Elevated Creatinine& BUN Cause Fatigue& Nausea

2014-02-18 14:54

The patients with elevated creatinine and BUN often experience fatigue and nausea. How do these conditions occur and how to control them effectively?

Creatinine is the byproduct of muscle metabolism. Urea nitrogen is from the metabolic products of proteins. These two kinds of waste products are normally filtered out of body by kidneys. When kidneys become impaired, elevated creatinine and BUN will result.

Fatigue has no direct relation to elevated creatinine and BUN, but it implies serious kidney impairment. Fatigue in kidney disease is mainly related to anemia. Healthy kidneys can produce a kind of hormone called EPO. EPO can normally stimulate the production of red blood cells. However, the diseased kidneys fail to make EPO normally, thus resulting in anemia. In addition, the high levels of toxins in blood also can shorten the life span of the red blood cells.

Nausea in kidney disease is associated with high buildup of waste products directly. If the concentration of urea nitrogen in intestinal tract is too high, the urea nitrogen will irritate the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract. Hence, nausea will result in kidney disease.

How to relieve fatigue and nausea in elevated creatinine and BUN?

The underlying cause of fatigue and nausea is kidney damage. Therefore, to control these two conditions fundamentally, the patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function. If the secretion ability and filtration function can be improved, the high levels of waste products will be eliminated from blood and hormone will be produced normally. If so, nausea and fatigue in people with elevated creatinine and BUN will be controlled fundamentally.

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