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What Medicines Can Cause High Creatinine

2014-01-08 10:35

What Medicines Can Cause High CreatinineCreatinine is the byproduct of muscle metabolism. It is normally filtered out of body by kidneys so creatinine level keeps at a constant level in right condition.High creatinine usually reflects a renal function decline.However,in some cases,high creatinine may not be related to a change in renal function.Some medicines may cause high creatinine.

Pain medicines

Healthy kidneys can filter out the medicine residuals from blood normally.However,if you take a large amount of pain medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen,the kidneys will not be able to eliminate them completely. These medicines are toxic to kidneys. Long-term irrational use of these medicines can destroy your kidneys. Eventually, high creatinine will result.


Antibiotics are used to control infection. These medicines can also be dangerous to kidneys if they are not taken correctly. People with kidney disease to take a smaller amount of antibiotics than people with healthy kidneys.

ACE inhibitors

ACE inhibitors are classic medicines for controlling high blood pressure.The medicines are also commonly used by renal patients to control blood pressure as they can slow down renal function decline and reduce protein in urine. However, not all renal patients are suggested to take the medicines.The patients with marrowing of artery in kidneys are not recommended to take the medicines as they can elevate high creatinine further.

Chemotherapy drugs

Chemotherapy drugs are used to treat cancer.While they can kill some cancer cells,they also can involve healthy body tissues and cells. When kidneys are involved, high creatinine will result.


Diuretics are used to treat swelling by increasing urine output. As more fluid is filtered out of by kidneys, they will certainly cause extra strain on kidneys. If these medicines are not used correctly, creatinine level will increase.

The above are some medicines which can cause high creatinine. In daily life, you should used them correctly and never use them without consulting with a doctor.

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