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Symptoms of Elevated Creatinine in Diabetes

2013-11-19 15:53

Diabetes is the primary cause chronic kidney disease (CKD). Progressive renal function decline can result in high creatinine. What are the symptoms of elevated creatinine in diabetes? Read on to get the answer.

Creatinine is the byproduct of creatine which is an important part of muscle.In fact,creatinine itself is not toxic.However, high levels of creatinine are associated with very serious kidney damage.When kidneys are damaged severely,the patients will experience a host of symptoms.The symptoms of elevated creatinine in diabetes include:

Foamy urine

Foamy urine is a typical sign of kidney damage in Diabetes.The tiny blood vessels with tinier holes act as filters in kidneys.In right condition,the useful substances can not squeeze through the holes and will be preserved in blood.However,long term high blood glucose can cause extra strain on the tiny blood vessels. Over time,the tiny blood vessels will become impaired, thus resulting in leakage of protein in urine.Excess loss of protein in urine can result in foamy urine in Diabetes.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of symptoms in people with diabetes and high creatinine.The impaired kidneys fail to remove extra fluid from body,thus resulting in fluid retention in body.Fluid retention is a contributor of high blood pressure in diabetes.


Fatigue can be one of symptoms of high creatinine in diabetes. It can be contributed to more than one cause.One common cause is anemia.Healthy kidneys can produce a kind of hormone called EPO which can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.However,the diseased kidneys fail to perform the function, thus lowering the number of red blood cells. A typical sign of anemia is fatigue.

Apart from the above symptoms of elevated creatinine in diabetes, the patients may also experience nausea and vomiting, headache, skin itching etc. You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get more medical suggestions to control those symptoms.

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