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Creatinine 7 with Skin Itching

2013-11-18 15:02

Kidneys perform a number of vital roles in body.When they fail to function adequately,a myriad of signs will appear. High creatinine and skin itching are two typical symptoms of chronic kidney disease (CKD).How to deal with creatinine 7 with skin itching?

Creatinine 7 in CKD

Creatinine is the byproduct of muscle metabolism.In right condition,creatinine produces and is filtered out of body by kidneys at a constant rate.The normal range of serum creatinine is between 0.6-1.1.For powerful compensatory capacity of kidneys,creatinine level does not increase until renal function becomes halved.Creatinine 7 is associated with very serious kidney damage.Dialysis is the most commonly applied treatment to lower high creatinine. However,it has no point in improving renal function.What’s worse,the patients have to endure a large number of discomforts and complications.

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Skin itching in CKD

Skin itching is a very annoying problem for people with CKD.It even can keep the patients awake at night.

The major culprit of skin itching is high building up of phosphorus in body. Phosphorus is an important mineral and can keep the bone healthy. However,the diseased kidneys fail to remove phosphorus from body.High levels of phosphorus can cause skin itching in CKD. In addition,accumulation of extra phosphorus in body can also cause bone problems.To control this condition, the patients should cut down phosphorus intake in their diet and phosphorus binders may be prescribed to reduce the absorption of phosphorus from food.

As high creatinine and skin itching result from kidney function decline and kidney damage, the patients should have a treatment to treat kidney as a whole. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for CKD and it can stimulate the self-repairing and self-regenerating of impaired kidney tissues.If the kidney structure can be restored, renal function will be enhanced. If so, high creatinine 7 and skin itching will be controlled completely and fundamentally.

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