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Can High Creatinine Cause Skin Itching And Numbness in Legs

2013-10-21 14:43

Can High Creatinine Cause Skin Itching And Numbness in LegsCreatinine is the byproduct of creatine in muscle and it is normally filtered out of body by kidneys.High creatinine is associated with reduced renal function.When kidneys are impaired,a host of symptoms will appear. Can high creatinine cause skin itching and numbness in legs?

While high creatinine is not associated with skin itching and numbness in legs directly,some renal patients can experience these two conditions. This is because high levels of certain minerals build up in body and some body systems can be involved.

Skin itching in kidney disease

Skin itching is a very common manifestation in kidney disease.The major culprit of this condition is high levels of phosphorus in bloodstream.Phosphorus is an important mineral in keeping the bones healthy.However,when kidneys fail to function properly,excess phosphorus will accumulate in blood, thus resulting in skin itching.

Numbness in legs in kidney disease

Numbness in legs in kidney disease is mainly attributed to uremic peripheral nephropathy due to high building up of metabolic wastes and toxins.It mainly occurs among those patients with GFR below 12ml/min. In serious case,the patients may suffer from total loss of sensation and even have difficult in normal walking.

Generally,the higher creatinine,the higher levels of toxins and wastes in bloodstream.In this case,skin itching and numbness in legs will become more serious.

How to relieve skin itching and numbness in legs in kidney failure?

As skin itching and numbness in legs result from high levels of toxins and wastes in body,Dialysis can relieve the conditions by removing the harmful substances from blood. However, dialysis has no significance in improving renal function at all.

To control the conditions completely and fundamentally,the patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired kidney structure to enhance renal function.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-healing system in body to regenerate the impaired kidney tissues and cells fundamentally.

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