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Treatment for Bilateral Renal Atrophy with High Creatinine

2013-10-11 14:27

Renal atrophy refers to kidney shrinking in size.It can affect the normal renal function, resulting in building up of creatinine in body. Then what is the treatment for bilateral renal atrophy with high creatinine?

Bilateral renal atrophy with high creatinine

Bilateral renal atrophy is a medical condition that is characterized by the shrinkage in the size of both kidneys due to an inadequate blood supply to kidneys and/or loss of nephrons.Any condition that can affect the nephron function in a negative manner could shrink kidney in size like kidney disease, urinary tract infection etc. In addition, renal ischemia also can contribute to bilateral renal atrophy. As blood can carry nutrients and oxygen to kidney tissues and cells, without inadequate blood supply, the kidney tissues will become scarred,thus resulting in kidney shrinkage.

Healthy kidneys keep in a certain size and can perform their functions. However, when kidneys diminish in size,they will not perform functions properly.As a result,high levels of creatinine will build up in bloodstream, leading to high creatinine.

Treatment for bilateral renal atrophy with high Creatinine

Firstly,it is important to figure out the cause of renal atrophy.If the underlying condition and cause can be controlled,it can slow down renal function decline.If you have no idea about the cause of your kidney shrinkage,you can chat with our online doctor for an answer now!

Secondly, no matter bilateral renal atrophy with high creatinine is due to renal ischemia or loss of nephrons, an important treatment part is to increase blood supply to kidneys.It can create a create a favorable environment for repair the atrophic kidney and also can increase essential nutrients and oxygen supply to kidneys.

Thirdly,it is to repair and regenerate the impaired nephrons.In this way, the number of healthy nephrons will increase.

If more nutrients and oxygen are supplied to kidneys and the number of healthy nephrons can increase, the kidneys will increase in size.

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