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Chinese Medicines Lower Creatinine And BUN without Dialysis

2013-10-06 11:09

Dialysis is a procedure in which extra fluid and wastes are removed by a machine or abdominal membrane.It can lower creatinine and BUN effectively to make the patients feel better.However,it can change the patients' life drastically. Chinese medicines can lower creatinine and BUN without the use of dialysis.

How does dialysis lower creatinine and BUN?

Creatinine is byproduct of muscle metabolism.It is micromolecular substances and can be filtered out of body by kidneys normally.Reduced renal function can give rise to high creatinine.

Urea nitrogen is the byproduct of protein digestion.Normally, the body gets rid of urea nitrogen through kidneys in urine. High BUN result from reduced excretory ability of kidneys.

Dialysis can remove micromolecular wastes and toxins from body including creatinine and urea nitrogen.However,the remaining wastes and toxins will do more harm to kidneys and other body organs and systems.Even if people are on dialysis, their renal function still keeps declining persistently.The average life span of people on dialysis is only between 5~6 years.

How Chinese medicines lower creatinine and BUN?

Besides kidneys, skin and intestine are also important excretory organs in body.On one hand,Chinese medicines can increase the excretory ability of these systems to lower creatinine and BUN levels.One the other hand,Chinese medicines are tonic to kidney tissues and can stimulate the regeneration of impaired kidney structure.When the impaired kidneys can be restored,the excretory ability of kidneys will be improved.As a result,the kidneys will be able to remove more wastes from body. In this way, high creatinine and BUN will be lowered completely and fundamentally.

However,as some Chinese medicines may be toxic to kidneys, you should never take them without consulting with a medical professional.Or you can consult with our online doctor to get more information about Chinese medicine now!

Oral Chinese medicines may have many side effects on body such as stress on kidneys, irritation to intestine and stomach etc.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a new application of oral Chinese medicines free of adverse effects on body completely. You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more information.

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