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Treatment for Kidney Failure with Creatinine 480

2013-09-16 14:13

When kidney fails to work properly,creatinine and other waste products will build up in body.The patients will experience many discomforts and complications.How serious is kidney failure with creatinine 480?What is the treatment for the condition?

Kidney failure with creatinine 480

Kidneys are a pair of important organs in body.One of the most important kidney functions is to filter out wastes and extra fluid from body.In addition,they can help keep blood pressure under control,produce certain hormones etc.In right condition, extra creatinine will be removed from body by kidneys. Therefore,the creatinine will keep at a constant level between about 45-90 μmol/l for women and 60-110 μmol/l for men.For the powerful compensatory capacity of kidneys,creatinine level does not increase until renal function is halved.

Creatinine 480 is as high as several times as the normal level. Obviously,you can see how serious your kidney damage is. Some patients may have been on Dialysis or are asked to start dialysis.

When should you start dialysis if you are not on it now? Consult with our online doctor for an answer now!

Treatment for kidney failure with creatinine 480

Dialysis is most commonly used to treat kidney failure.It can filter blood,thus lowering the levels of creatinine and other wastes in body.However,it is no a cure for kidney failure at all. The average life expectancy of people on dialysis is only between 5~6 years.

If aggressive treatment is adopted,the patients will not require dialysis.To control kidney failure with creatinine 500 completely and fundamentally,the first treatment step is to remove wastes from body to create a good internal environment for the following treatment.The next treatment is to restore the impaired kidney tissues and improve renal function.To attain the above treatment goals,the combined treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy is recommended. Once the native kidneys are restored well, renal function will be improved. If so, dialysis will not be required at all.

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