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What Creatinine Level Requires Dialysis Treatment

2013-08-29 16:38

Dialysis can help kidney disease patients lower high creatinine levels and relieve some certain symptoms to a certain degree. It is a fact that no one wants to experience dialysis treatment. Which high creatinine level requires dialysis treatment begins to be cared about by more and more kidney disease patients.

In many countries, it seems that dialysis will be commonly recommended when creatinine level increases to about 5mg/dl. Actually there is no an exact answer to which high creatinine level requires dialysis treatment. There is no a direct relation between dialysis treatment and creatinine level. Only a high creatinine level is not enough to decide whether dialysis treatment should be started or not.

In clinic, even though not that high the creatinine level is, if kidney disease patients are in some certain situations like serum potassium ≥7mmol/L, or pH ≤7.25, or carbon dioxide combining power ≤15mmol/L, or blood urea nitrogen ≥54mmol/L or there are some severe symptoms or complications like acute pulmonary edema, heart problems, etc, then urgent dialysis should be started. Even though the creatinine level is 700-800umol/L, patients still have some certain urine output and there are no water-sodium retention, hyperkalemia and other obvious symptoms, then dialysis can be postponed. If the condition can not be controlled well, in many countries, dialysis treatment will be started sooner or later.

Now you can understand why there is no an exact answer to which high creatinine level requires dialysis treatment, it depends on patients' overall condition. Experts say if kidney disease patients have not begun dialysis treatment, the most efficient way to avoid dialysis effectively is to recover renal function. And if the renal function can be enhanced to about 20, dialysis is likely to be stopped. Such a kind of treatment has already appeared in clinic and been commonly used to help more and more kidney disease patients, so be optimistic about your life.

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