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Symptoms Of Creatinine 5.1

2013-08-23 17:17

Creatinine is a kind of waste product and it is removed by the kidneys. When kidneys are damaged, it can not be fully eliminated any more, leading to buildup in the body. The normal level of creatinine of adult males is 0.6-1.2mg/dl, and for females, it is 0.5-1.1ma/dl. When the level of creatinine is 5.1, it indicates that the kidney has been damaged severely. And it is equivalent to stage 4 chronic kidney failure. What symptoms will have for patients with creatinine 5.1?

Fatigue or weakness: normal kidneys can produce enough EPO which can contribute to producing more red blood cells. As the kidney is damaged, the amount of EPO will decrease, leading to the lack of reb blood cells. Therefore, people feel fatigue.

Swelling: it is a common symptom for people with creatinine 5.1. In this stage, kidney function has been lost nearly 70%, kidney can not discharge out excess fluid from the body. This causes much water buildup in the body, leading to swelling body.

High blood pressure: people with creatinine 5.1 may find their blood pressure has increased if they measure their blood pressure. This is because impaired kidney keep overworking for a long time, leading to the blood pressure increase. In the meantime, high blood pressure also can further worsen kidney disease.

Backache: in general, for patients with chronic kidney failure, they usually do not have backache. When they feel backache, they need to check whether they suffer from polycystic kidney, kidney stone and kidney infection.

Acidosis: because kidney is damaged, it loses the ability to filter out the toxins from the blood. This leads to lots of toxins bu lid up in the body. Thus people have the symptom of toxicosis, such as nausea and vomiting, itchy skin, poor appetite and breath with urine and so on.

Change of urine: for people with creatinine 5.1, they may go to urinate frequently, especially after sleeping. Some people may also have oliguria or anuria. If people look at their urine carefully, they can find the color of urine has changed which is clear, tea color, brown or red color. Or they can find there are lots of bubble in the urine.

Mental problem: people may feel that they can not concentrate on when they do something, or they can’t sleep well in the evening.

These are the symptoms for people with creatinine 5.1. If you suffer from these symptoms, you have to go to hospital to receive treatment. Because when the level of creatinine is 5.1, your kidney function has lost nearly 70%. If you do not treat timely, you will suffer from end-stage kidney failure.

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