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Will High Creatinine Lead To Renal Failure

2013-08-18 15:28

Creatinine level is used to measure kidney function, so patients always doubt whether high creatinine leve will lead to renal failure. In fact, creatinine level can indicate kidney problems in many cases, but it does not mean high creatinine level will always lead to renal failure.

Will high creatinine lead to renal failure?

Kidney failure indicates the kidney has almost lost its ability of filtering blood and discharging wastes. Creatinine is the metabolin of creatine and in a normal case it can be discharged by healthy kidneys. Therefore, creatinine level is usually in a stable range. Once you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, your kidneys can not work effectively and timely to discharge excessive creatinine. In this case, serum creatinine level increases. When a small part of your kidney function is damaged, creatinine level has no obvious increase, as the other part of your kidney function can also remove excessive creatinine out of your body. The medical research shows that creatinine level increases when your kidneys lose half of their function. In this case, high creatinine level means that your kidneys have been severely damaged.

Do you need to worry too much about temporary high creatinine?

People will sometimes have high creatinine level. This may be caused by many reasons. For example, before their tests, they eat much meat, do strenuous physical exercise or have improper diet, which can also lead to slightly high creatinine level. However, this high creatinine level is only temporary and after some time, it will be normal. Temporary high creatinine level does not lead to renal failure. What you should do is to regulate your daily diet and do exercise moderately, which will make your creatinine level in a stable range, and you need not worry too much about it.

Creatinine is just one of measurement of reflecting kidney function and does not mean high creatinine level will always lead to renal failure. However, if your creatinine level is high for a long time which means that there are many toxins and wastes in your body. Generally you should go to hospital immediately to do dialysis to remove these toxins and wastes when creatinine is at 5.0. Thus, reducing high creatinine level helps kidney failure patients a lot to avoid dialysis.

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