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Do I Need Dialysis With Creatinine 4.3

2013-08-02 16:24

Do I Need Dialysis With Creatinine 4.3When your creatinine is 4.3, it indicates that half of your kidney function has been damaged. In this case, much toxins and wastes build up in your body. For a long time, dialysis is needed to excrete toxins and wastes out of your body. With high creatinine in your body, you may be advised to take dialysis.

For this question, I think you should figure out three points clearly, including:

1. What is creatinine 4.3?

People usually have creatinine 4.3, which indicates that she or he may have advanced into stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Under this condition, with declined kidney function, much wastes and toxins build up in your body. Besides, patients may also experience high blood pressure, anemia, imbalance of electrolytes or other problems. Creatinine 4.3 is extremely higher than normal, which indicates that your kidney function has been severely damaged. If your condition is not controlled effectively, you will have to start dialysis soon.

2. Why do you need dialysis?

Approximately 1.500 liters of blood are filtered by a healthy person’s kidneys each day. We could not live when toxins and wastes are not removed from our kidneys. In CKD patients, their kidneys either do not work properly or not at all experience a build up of wastes in their blood. Dialysis is a kidney replacement treatment which can filter toxins and wastes out of your body when your kidneys are not working properly. Without dialysis the amount of wastes in their body will increase and even reach the levels which would cause coma and death.

In addition, you also need to do tests to check up your GFR (glomeration filtration rate) which is less than 15ml/min, and dialysis is needed.

3. What can treat your kidney disease radically?

Dialysis can partly alleviate your symptoms instead of treating your kidney disease radically. What you should do is to repair your damaged renal intrinsic cells which is the leading cause of high creatinine. As regard to improving your kidney function, Chinese herbal medicine is offered for you. Chinese herbal medicine originates from natural herbal without side-effects. It contains many ingredients which can dilate blood vessels, fight against inflammation and clean away toxins from the body so as to repair injured renal intrinsic cells and tissues. With this method, it refreshes your dying kidney function.

Of course, with creatinine 4.3, it does not mean every CKD patients must do dialysis. Creatinine level is one of the measures of kidney disease. And whether you need do dialysis also depends on your own kidney function.

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